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About company

ErmaSoft Management (ErmaSoft) – the Russian company, working in the area of high-tech applications.


Knowledge and experience, stored for over 25 years, place the company among the leaders in the field of development and implementation of geoinformation technologies-assisted program-functional systems. 


ErmaSoft has a large stack of implemented projects and all the necessary facilities for achievement and support of complex solutions.


Priority business guidelines

business-process analysis, IT and geoinformation systems. Appraisal, organizational and technological support of geoinformation projects

design of computer-based data-graphic systems. Software development for functional systems using geoinformation techniques

database development, scanning and digitalization of maps, building and terrain layouts. Maintenance of address registries

implementation and integration with existent information systems

authorized support of project solutions


ErmaSoft progressively invests in research and development of program-informational products, providing Customers with the advanced technologies and tools.


ErmaSoft executes the orders for the sake of governmental and proprietary organizations. Top-level Russian scientific organizations serve as our projects implementation partners.


ErmaSoft solutions are practically working and offer a actual cost-performance.

ErmaSoft is a base enterprise of the “System integration and management” chair of the Moscow Applied Physics Institute and “Cybernetics” chair of the Moscow Physics Engineering Institute (MPEI Technical University). General Director, research manager of ErmaSoft: Ph. D., assistant professor at the “System integration and management” chair of MAPI, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences – Mikhail Sudeikin.



Goods delivery scheduling


Solvable tasks:

 scheduling of the products delivery to the clients –

number of vehicles, routes and arrival times


 efficient projection of carload for each vehicle route lists and summary way-bills generation


  route lists and summary way-bills generation





Mobile units monitoring


Integrated system provides:

 routes projection and temporal corridor establishing

 visual monitoring, units migration control and message exchange with control center

 planned and actual migration schedules comparison, cumulative data processing and analysis



Sales analysis and management


Solvable tasks:

 support of "Customers" and "Agent responsibility areas" databases, coupled with cartographical background


 agents performance analysis and scheduling 

 creation and editing of "Agent activity zones"


Buildings and adjacent area administration


Solvable tasks:

 input, imaging and editing of the floor and adjacent area plans 

 support of “Rooms”, “Stocks of materials and capital equipment”, “Staff”, “Renters”,... databases, coupled with floor plans 

 analytical reports development

 demand performance control


Technical documents repository


Solvable tasks:

 development of an alphanumeric database containing technical drawings' specifications

 development of a graphical database determining location of technical drawings on the floor plans of the Technical Inventory Bureau

 scanning of the technical documentation and creation of the electronic copies library 

 integration of databases and electronic copies into the technical documents repository


Municipal geoinformation systems

Multi-user geoapplication with a set of geo-workstations:


 in the Prefecture network

 at the remote users cites

 in the Internet network

 service geo-workstations


 cartographical background
 address data
 subject data for administrative and managerial solutions support

Competitive environment monitoring 

Solvable tasks:

 data unification for the purpose of a visual snap (objects' location, ownership, sales volume, range of choice, price characteristics, object photos...)

 customer network broadening subject to transport and passenger traffic and sales outlets




Freight services sales monitoring

Solvable tasks:

 mapping of the logistic chain members - third persons

 visualization of freight layouts

 definition of the freight units and their specifications

 transport operations performance control

Social safety map for kids and teenagers 

Terrain monitoring:

 sociological investigations and interagency data analysis results

 cartographical and subject terrain data update

 “Social safety” database development
 issue of the “Social safety map — SSM”, development of the electronic versions of SSM

Geoinformation systems in education

Solvable tasks:

 preparation of methodical sources on the usage of special design offices in the educational system, administrative and managerial structures

 holding seminars for heads of educational structures, educational specialists in security and information science, social services

Geoinformation systems in security


 development of primary and reserve track for the guarded person and fast response group

 inclusion into the plan of supplementary sources for real-time decision-making

 capturing of on-line situation information on the places of residence of the guarded person

I&R geo-applications


Solvable tasks:

 mapping of cartographical and attributive information, criterion-based object search

 creation of user-defined layers of various types, input and editing of geo-data

 object analysis, development of multicolor subject maps 

 tracking, setting of marks and notes, printout of maps' and charts' fragments



Embedding of geoapplication into WEB-pages

Displaying of cartographical information with capabilities for:

 map fragments choice, zooming and shifting

 legend setup - graphical objects description, selection of fonts and their specifications

 creation of multicolor subject map

 printout of map's fragments



ERMA SOFT Management 

Phone: +7 (495) 968 02 80





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